Death Cab For Cutie – Live From The Mt Baker Theatre

In April 2009, just a couple of months before my daughter was born, my wife Tanya and I traveled to Halifax, Nova Scotia (2.5 hours away) to see Death Cab For Cutie. This live DVD (the band’s second) was filmed on the opposite coast of North America, in Bellingham, Washington just a couple of weeks after I had the pleasure of seeing them.

The DVD starts off with a mini-documentary on the band’s beginnings in Bellingham, visiting the exterior of a couple of homes the band inhabited while the quartet recites various stories from their early days.

DCFC are a pretty stellar live band. What they might lack in stage presence is more than made up in startlingly accurate versions of their songs. They are the type of band that don’t need shit blowing up around them to drive home the fact they kick ass on stage.

The bulk of the 17 songs on this newest DVD come from their beautiful 2005 opus Plans as well as 2008’s complicatedly lovely Narrow Stairs. Also included however is a generous helping of tracks from their 2003 breakthrough Transatlanticism and a couple of tracks from the band’s earlier releases.

Highlights worth seeing for yourself include opening song The New Year, I Will Possess Your Heart, Cath…, Crooked Teeth, Title & Registration and Bixby Canyon Bridge. Frankly though, if you’re a Death Cab fan, you can’t go wrong with any of the performances here.

Live From The Mt Baker Theatre is available at all good music outlets on Tuesday May 31.