Compilation provides link to Moncton’s musical past

A crucial link to the Moncton music scene of the early 90s is back in stores after an extended period of time.

Originally released in 1992, five of the most active bands of the time (plus one then defunct group) were chosen to be featured on the Naked In The Marsh 10-inch compilation record. The artists included on the record were legendary lo-fi rockers Eric’s Trip, punk legends Bad Luck #13, Front Porch, Syntax Error, Purple Knight and francophone heroes Idea of North / Idee du Nord.

Originally started as an independent concert promotion group, the Naked In The Marsh collective (spearheaded by Sam LeBlanc) eventually moved into creating their own record label. The initial NIM Records releases were cassettes of live performances and were sold at local record stores. The collective soon decided that a more permanent document of the music scene at the time should be put into place and thus the Naked In The Marsh 10-inch record was born.

Prior to its original 1992 release, an unfortunate snag was hit in regards to the compilation. The first batch of 500 records that were received from the pressing plant had the Syntax Error track inadvertently omitted. Several of these copies were given to the bands for promotional use but not available on a widespread scale until now.

At the present time, recently unearthed copies of the five-band edition of Naked In The Marsh 10-inch record are available in independent music stores in Moncton, Saint John and Fredericton thanks to persistent consumer demand for the product.

“There is a whole new generation of people and music fans looking to discover these vital links to the history of the music scene in Moncton,” Ray Auffrey says.

Auffrey is helping to oversee the re-release of the compilation due to his close ties to the original release as a member of Bad Luck #13.

“The six-band pressing of the record had gone on to become a collector’s item; we had heard of copies of this compilation selling for $40 a pop. So when we discovered some copies of the five-band edition of the compilation, it dawned on me that we could get this version of the compilation into the hands of those who want it,” he says.

Thanks to the growing popularity of Moncton band Eric’s Trip at the time, the original six-band pressing of the Naked In The Marsh record would sell their available 500 copies rather quickly.

Although also limited in numbers, the “new” Naked In The Marsh compilation aims to serve collectors as well as the curious who want to hear a defining piece of Moncton music history. The revamped record features an updated cover along with liner notes explaining details around the original release as well as a “where are they now” rundown of the bands involved in the project.

Limited copies of Naked In The Marsh compilation at Spin-It Records in Moncton, Backstreet Records in Fredericton and at Second Spin in Saint John.

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