Colonial Quarrels Launch New Album


CQ Album Cover

Contrary to the hustle that is the modern-day music business, Moncton roots-rock group Colonial Quarrels is content to work at their own pace. Although they certainly would not argue should they found themselves with a monster hit or viral video on their hands, they aren’t exactly pinning all of their hopes on either of those things happening.

For definitive proof of their relaxed attitude, one only needs to examine the release of their newest record You Snapped So I Cracked. It’s only their second full-length release after being together more than a decade.

“It is true that we keep a low profile,” Colonial Quarrels vocalist-guitarist Remi Cormier begins. “There are different reasons for it. Some of us in the band are a little more outgoing than others but, probably to our detriment, we aren’t ones to toot our own horns very loudly. The band is an honest to goodness labour of love. We are terrible self-promoters of our own music. Speaking for myself, I have been my worst enemy in terms of getting noticed or trying to attract attention to the band’s body of work. It doesn’t mean that the band isn’t a great source of pride for us, however, even with the limited success we have found.

“Would we like the band to become successful? Of course we would. But do we need that at this point in our ‘career?’ Not especially.”

Recording for You Snapped So I Cracked began as early as 2010, the year after the group released their debut album The End Was An Honest Mistake. Keeping with the overall relaxed attitude of the group, its members would simply work on the album in bits and spurts.

“The making of a Colonial Quarrels album is a pretty diplomatic process. Everyone has their little role to play and is trusting of the tastes and abilities of the other members of the group. It has always been very important that everyone feel a sense of accomplishment and pride with the music we make which means sometimes letting go and letting other people take the reins.”

Remi says that while Colonial Quarrels debut was more reflective of his writing a full album on his own, You Snapped So I Cracked is a collaborative effort between all members of the group.

“With this new album, we had a bit more experience and confidence,” he says. “We had a better idea of what we wanted to say with the songs. I personally felt I had more control over the direction that the songs would take but as a band, we worked together to get these songs sounding the way that we wanted them to sound. We dove into the material together, which resulted in the songs feeling as though they came together a little more organically.”

While Colonial Quarrels have remained largely out of the spotlight over the last few years, fans should not see their new record as marking a “coming out” of the group. The reality of the situation is that they aren’t altogether unhappy with what their status quo has become.

“We are very much a band that flies by the seats of our pants,” Remi says. “We tend to be more reactive than proactive but are trying to get better. We have a few local shows planned and are going to mail out the new record to promoters, publishers and other places we might be able to secure a little bit of press for our songs.

“We don’t tend to look too far ahead except for when it comes to the music we make. I love to romanticize the notion of putting our music out there and letting it take on a life of its own. A person can dream, right?”

What: Colonial Quarrels with The Crooked Brothers
When: Friday Oct. 24, 10:00 p.m.
Where: Plan b Lounge, 212 St. George St., Moncton

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