Chantal Kreviazuk Finds Balance In Life With New Album


From the time Winnipeg native Chantal Kreviazuk released her debut album, Under These Rocks and Stones in 1996, she managed to juggle her album release and tour schedule rather effectively, sustaining a fairly consistent release schedule over the following 13 years.

It was on the cusp of the new millennium that she released her sophomore album, the double-platinum-selling Colour Moving and Still, followed by What If It All Means Something (2002), 2006’s Ghost Stories and Plain Jane in 2009.

Following that release, however, Kreviazuk unintentionally stepped out of the spotlight. She devoted herself to raising her three sons with husband (and Our Lady Peace frontman) Raine Maida, but also used her star power for good, working on behalf of a variety of causes, including human and animal rights, mental health, education and the environment. That work is on top of the last 16 years that she has served as an ambassador to War Child.

In the midst of her impressive extra-curricular work, however, Kreviazuk remained close to music. It just didn’t happen to be exclusively hers. She began collaborating on the songwriting front with pop superstars including Drake, Pink and Kendrick Lamar, while also contributing songs to the latest records from both Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez.

“I didn’t necessarily back out of the music business,” Kreviazuk offers. “I still spent a lot of time in the studio, I just didn’t happen to be promoting an album or be on tour.”

Given how closely she remained tied to music in one form or another over the last seven years, it should be little surprise that Kreviazuk would find her way to making an album of her own.

Hard Sail, the fifth full-length studio effort from the singer-songwriter, was released this past June.

“As I was writing with others these last couple of years, I had begun reclaiming a number of songs with the idea that I might get a record out of it. One of my most favourite aspects of Hard Sail is that fact that everything came together so naturally.”

Natural is arguably the best word to describe the songs featured on Hard Sail. The songs featured on the record, including singles “Into Me” and “All I Got” flow as effortlessly as any of her previous works, and actually serve to complement early career hits such as “Surrounded,” “Wayne,” and “Before You.”

What might not be as immediately evident with Kreviazuk’s newest album is the sense of balance that she has struck between career and home over the last seven years. She acknowledges it is something that requires constant fine-tuning, but feels as though she has made good progress.

“Over the past several years, I’ve kept up with the practice of songwriting while staying home and being near my kids,” she says, noting her children played an immeasurable role in deciding when might be a good time to get back into the studio and back on the road.

“I feel we are all here for a purpose. Being a mother along with being a songwriter is something I’ve been able to slowly chip away at these last seven years. Finding balance in the whole fine dance of life has helped bring meaning and joy to what I am doing.”

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