Comeback Kid love the road

Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Comeback Kid has a brand new record, Symptoms and Cures, on store shelves and is headed to Metro Moncton for a pair of shows at the Manhattan on Westmorland Street.

With more than 300,000 records sold worldwide, Comeback Kid have played for fans in more than 30 countries around the world. The group’s fourth record, Symptoms and Cures maintains their hardcore values while also incorporating more musical layers than fans might have heard from the band in the past.

When suggested that guitarist Jeremy Hiebert along with band members Kyle Profeta on drums, Andrew Neufeld on vocals, Casey Hjelmberg on guitar and Matt Keil on bass must be growing more and more confident with each subsequent record, Hiebert almost laughs off the suggestion.

“I would probably say that no, we weren’t anymore confident going into the making of Symptoms and Cures than anything in the past. We’ve put out four records and at this point in our career, I think you become concerned with what people expect to hear from you. We didn’t know what people would think of this newest batch of songs,” Hiebert says.

“I’m not the most confident person in the world so I almost needed to arrive at the point of hearing the songs with vocals and hearing everything come together. Once everything was together, I think I realized that these songs made sense for where we are at right now.”

As brash as Comeback Kid’s music may be to some, the group really makes an effort to nurture the relationship that they hold with their fans.

Various band members keep in close contact with fans that choose to interact with them through online mediums such as Twitter, You Tube and Facebook.

“It’s quite easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed trying to respond to everything but if a band I really loved when I was younger took the time to give me the time of the day, it would have meant the world to me. I think it means a lot to our fans that they have a direct connection to the band available to them. We try to make ourselves available to interact with them as much as we can be.”

With very little in the way of time off scheduled for the band for the foreseeable future, Hiebert is looking forward to the group returning to the States, Europe, South America and Australia over the next 18 months of his life.

“Being on the road is what we love to do,” Hiebert says. “I actually dread the day that I can’t tour anymore. This past summer was tough, just waiting for the record to come out. Typically if I’m at home for any longer than six weeks, I start to go crazy so our busy tour schedule sits with me just fine.”