Caroline Savoie Plays Moncton On Friday Night, Goes To Europe Next Month


Caroline Savoie may only be 18 years old but she has already released two albums and is set to undertake her first tour of France in a matter of a few weeks.

Performing this Friday evening as a part of the Capitol Theatre Summer Concert Series, Savoie is continuing to promote her latest release, the six-track Laisse-moi rever, released this past March. The EP is the follow-up to Just Sayin’, Savoie’s 2011 release.

Caroline got her start in music at the age of 12 when she received her first guitar as a gift from her grandparents. Her love of words and of writing itself dates back even further. She tells The Times & Transcript that it was around the time that she was eight or nine years old that she discovered her passion for writing.

“I constantly wrote short stories when I was growing up,” Caroline says. “Just recently, I actually crossed paths with my third grade school teacher. She said that it didn’t surprise her in the least that I found my way to writing songs. The passion for writing was always there, it simply started in stories and poems instead of in music. The move to writing songs was a completely natural progression, however.”

Even though many kids tend to gravitate towards the pop music mainstream when they are growing up, Caroline laughs unashamedly at the mere mention of having listened to Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys at some point in her life. Around the time she entered her teens, she began exploring her father’s music collection which included the likes of the Beatles, the Guess Who and Led Zeppelin. Caroline eventually directed her attention to legendary songwriters like Bob Dylan and Neil Young, both of whom she says gave her the inspiration and motivation to write.

“I always admired the lyrics of Neil Young and Bob Dylan but also have a tremendous amount of respect for more modern songwriters like Norah Jones. I feel that all of these different kinds of music that I listened to while I was growing up is what has helped make me who I am today. As a songwriter, it is so important to be open to all kinds of music. Otherwise, you truly don’t know what you are missing out on.”

Caroline performed in front of an audience for the first in 2008. Since that time, there has been little slowing her down. The amount of shows she has played year over year since that time has grown exponentially.

In 2011, she brought home the grand prize in the singer-songwriter category at Le sommet de la chanson de Kedgwick. It was also in 2011 that Caroline released her debut effort, Just Sayin’. Despite being a native Francophone, Caroline says that she began writing songs in English as she says that she had assumed that this was what was expected of her.

“When I first began writing songs, I started writing in English because I had figured that I needed to make my mark in that world. But as I spent more time in Moncton, I met a lot of Francophone artists and then thought that I should also be writing songs in my first language.

“Ultimately, that is one of the things I love most about New Brunswick is that both the French and English languages are so visible everywhere. I’ve explored both of those worlds and love them both equally,” she says.

Once her show this Friday has wrapped up, the next big thing on deck for Caroline is her maiden tour of Europe which begins in France on Aug. 2. She will spend more than 10 days overseas, participating in the Festival Lorient which has hosted fellow Moncton musicians Dominique Dupuis and Les Hay Babies in the previous years.

Moncton will be well represented this year as well: Joining Caroline will be acclaimed bluegrass-country band the BackYard Devils and Les Hotesses d’Hilaire.

Caroline shares that she anticipates the experience will be something completely new to her.

“This will be my first time going to Europe. It is even more exciting that it is my music that is taking me there,” she says. “I am definitely looking to grow from the experience. The Festival Lorient is more of a traditional music festival which isn’t something that I am accustomed to playing. It is going to be great to fine-tune my live show and hopefully gain a few new fans in the process. I am hoping that it will be the first of many trips to perform in Europe.”

Article published in the July 18, 2013 edition of the Times & Transcript