Canadian rock band The Headstones offer new song for download

It has been nine years since Canadian rock n roll fans have heard anything new from The Headstones but yesterday, the group posted a new track, Binthiswayforyears, for download via their website.

With any luck, this will just be the beginning of more new music to come from the band.

Since they originally parted ways in the early part of this century, vocalist Hugh Dillon has gone on to have a rather successful acting career, starring in television shows including Flashpoint and Durham County. Even with his acting career keeping him busy, Dillon hadn’t completely abandoned music. He  released a record under the guise of the Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir in 2005, following that up with 2009’s Works Well With Others under his own name.

I had the opportunity to chat with Hugh around the time of the release of Works Well With Others and at that time, talk of The Headstones getting back together was merely that – talk.

The group tested the reunion waters with a couple of shows in Southern Ontario this past February, earning glowing reviews and ultimately bringing them to where they are at today.

Though the group hasn’t announced formal plans of what the future will hold for them, I sure as hell hope that the boys start writing and performing again. God knows the music industry needs ’em as badly as the fans do.