Bruce Hornsby and The Noisemakers – Levitate (Verve / Universal Music Canada)

HornsbyI have to admit it had been a long time since I had heard anything new from Bruce Hornsby and it is not for a lack of new material on his part – Levitate is Hornsby’s tenth studio record in a whopping 23 years.

And much like Paul Simon moved into unforeseen electronic territory on his Surprise album, Hornsby moves into territory that is at time far removed from his days of piano based folk-pop.

Shades of that folk-pop perseveres on tracks like Paperboy and Here We Are Again, while he cuts a little more loose on songs such as The Black Rats Of London and Prairie Dog Town.

Levitate wasn’t at all what I was expecting to hear from Hornsby but it isn’t a bad record by any stretch of the imagination.

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