Bigger Fish Than Guns Aim High With New Record

It has been a couple of big years in the camp of Calgarian rock band Bigger Fish Than Guns. Shortly after the release of their debut effort The Spoken Sea, the band was awarded a cool $25,000 from Calgary Radio Station X92 as a part of their “Xposure” contest while their single “Texas T” cracked the Top 30 Canadian Alternative Rock Charts.

The group’s newest record Through The Green Door was independently released this past July. The album sees the band grow their ambitious sound by leaps and bounds while still remaining true to themselves.

Bigger Fish Than Guns member Kevin Dorin spoke with The MusicNerd Chronicles last month about the group’s big win and how he feels the band has grown over the past two years.

Did you feel additional pressure upon yourselves when it came to the making of Through The Green Door because of the big win from X92? 

We did feel a little more under the microscope, yes. There tends to be a lot of pressure associated with these opportunities. Everybody is looking for the next big opportunity to take theitr music to another level. The X92 win offered us the opportunity to make the best record that we could produce. We had a great platform already built to launch from.  

What do you credit the resurgence with “classic rock” bands like the Sheepdogs becoming popular these days? Do you think people are simply starved for good ole fashioned rock n roll again? 

I think that a big reason why it’s popular is because it’s real music. In the It Might Get Loud documentary, Jack White talks about creative simplicity and I think that is something that each of us in the band share. I believe that people tend to overthink making music and obsess about how they are going to market themselves. Ultimately, it takes away from the music itself.

How do you feel the songs on Through The Green Door reflect the growth in the band over the past couple of years? 

Having our drummer Darren join the band was a big change. It has given us a much more solid foundation to build upon. As for the arrangements of the songs, we feel they are a little less garagey than our last record was but I feel we still tried to keep the spirit of the songs the same. This batch of songs runs a little deeper.

[youtube krdtVLc9zW0]