Bad Vibrations Inspired By Moncton Sound

Though they may call Halifax home, some might argue that Bad Vibrations sound owes more to the murky sound of Moncton indie favourites Eric’s Trip than any band that has called Halifax home, past or present.

Comprised of guitarist KC Spidle, Evan Cardwell and Meg Yoshida, it was, perhaps ironically, soon after a series of shows with Eric’s Trip as a member of the equally cool band Dog Day that KC Spidle says that Bad Vibrations came into existence.

Bad Vibrations perform alongside Moncton bands Thee Requiems and The Beaten Hearts on Saturday evening at the Manhattan Bar & Grill in Downtown Moncton. Show time is set for 10 p.m.

It was Bad Vibrations’ 2011 release Black Train that attracted some high profile attention for the band including a glowing write up from the Toronto Star. At a time when press outlets have more bands jockeying for write-ups than space could ever be afforded, Bad Vibrations’ KC Spidle says that virtually any press given to the band is good press.

“It is nice to make something that stands out a little these days,” Spidle says. “With all of the bands out there that record independently and self-promote, it can sometimes be hard to cut through. These are weird and exciting times for making rock music.”

While Halifax has certainly boasted its fair share of rock acts that lean more towards the pop side of the spectrum, Spidle readily admits that the lo-fi sound of Bad Vibrations owes much to the music that has emerged from Moncton in the past 20 years.

“The sound of early east coast rock, especially the Moncton side, runs in our blood. That is one of the reasons this band happens to sound like it does. The dirtiness may come from a desire to push heavier riffs while still maintaining space for tenderness and beauty,” he says.

Asked when fans might expect to hear the next round of new music from the group, Spidle says that the wheels are already in motion.

“We have a new batch of songs in the works,” he shares. “The idea is to have a new EP of ’60s speedball core released by fall.”

 Article published in August 17, 2012 edition of the Times & Transcript