The Ataris gear up for new record

In the summer of 2003, it seemed you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing The Ataris’ remake of Don Henley’s 1984 hit “The Boys Of Summer”.

And then, the band just kind of went away. The fact is, while The Ataris might be a one-hit wonder to the masses, they have a total of six studio records to their credit in addition to a 2004 live record.

The band is making its first trip to Metro Moncton with a show on Tuesday at the Manhattan in Downtown Moncton.

The group’s latest studio record is 2007’s Welcome The Night and though their next record is a work-in-progress, Ataris’ bassist Bryan Nelson says things are going very well in that respect.

“Over the last two years, we have been writing, recording and touring,” he says.

“There will definitely be a few more songs recorded once we conclude our tour at the start of November.”

Nelson says the group, which also features Jacob Dwiggins, Aaron Glass and Kris Roe, has 13 songs for their next release already recorded, four of which are complete with vocals.

Fans eager to hear new material from the band can look forward to the group’s upcoming release of a 7-inch vinyl single, featuring two new Ataris songs and will be released on the Paper and Plastick label out of the U.S.

He expects their next full-length record will see light of day by next summer on a still to be determined label.

Asked what fans can expect from the group’s new material, Nelson says, “I think that when you hear these songs, they will sound like the missing link between (2003 record) So Long Astoria and Welcome The Night.”

With both major and independent label experience behind them, Nelson firmly believes the band’s experiences in both of these worlds has had their positive and negative aspects.

“Record labels definitely have their place in the music industry. We seem to get by without being tied down to one though.

Our time at Sony was great for the band but we definitely like to be as do-it-yourself as possible.

It is nice to be calling the shots for your band without having to worry about answering to anyone else.”

Without a new record to promote, The Ataris upcoming shows throughout Atlantic Canada serve no purpose other than getting out to play for the band’s fans.

As far as Nelson is concerned, there’s no time like the present to see new people and places.

“We love to play shows and tour. We have needed to get to Canada for some time now and the shows fit in our routing really well.

“We can’t wait to be there!”

Article published in October 22, 2010 edition of the Times & Transcript