Ambition Drives Moncton Group Jennifer LoPan


When it came to putting together Jennifer LoPan, the punk-inspired group spear-headed by Moncton musicians Nick Locke and Dan Logan, Locke says that with the exception of one rule, the rulebook went out the window.

“Don’t overthink anything. We decided that was the most important thing heading into this group,” Locke declares.

To Locke and Logan’s credit, they have been staying true to their word thus far: The band initially came together early this year. By the time May rolled around, they had recorded their debut release, the 10-track Full Moon EP. In August, the group – rounded out by bassist Nick McNally and drummer Billy Leblanc – played their first show, while also releasing the three-song Coven Of Love single.

Asked why the group has made it their mission to undertake so much activity in such a relatively short span of time, Locke is willing to accept the blame or credit, depending on your point of view:

“I tend to be relatively impatient. It’s just my nature to want to get things done as quickly as I can. It’s ultimately what keeps me interested in moving forward.”

After having spent a period of time working out of province, Locke credits the local music scene as having helped provide inspirational fodder for his latest musical project. Even with the recent loss of the Esquire Tavern as a venue for shows, Locke believes the scene is the strongest it has been in quite some time.

“I left New Brunswick approximately four years ago and then returned two years later. During the time I was gone, so much had changed, naturally, but what I really took notice of is how the bar had seemingly been raised among Moncton bands. Not to say that the bar hadn’t already been set high, it just seemed as though everyone was determined to bring their ‘A’ game. Speaking from a creative standpoint, it was incredibly inspirational to see and hear.”

What: Jennifer LoPan with Little You Little Me, Last Museum and Traces
When: Saturday Oct. 22, 10 p.m.
Where: Phase III Pub, 67 St. George St., Moncton