Alberta Cross – Broken Side Of Time (ATO/Universal Music Canada)

Although the UK isn’t exactly known as being a hotbed of alternative country bands, London’s Alberta Cross could change that perception with their fantastic record, Broken Side Of Time. The group somehow manages to meld the poignant dramatics of Jeff Buckley with The Band and more current fare such as My Morning Jacket.

Some tracks on their record lean more towards mainstream accessibility than others do but I don’t consider it to be a negative trait. The ability of the group to create these soaring melodies is rather remarkable over these 10 songs. Taking Control and ATX are perhaps the best examples of this, while the group turns in great rootsy moments like Old Man Chicago, Rise From The Shadows and the minimalist City Walls.

Broken Side Of Time is an impressive record from a band with unlimited potential. I’m anxious to hear what comes next.

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