3 Inches of Blood returns to Metro

Vancouver heavy-metal band 3 Inches of Blood is set to return to Metro Moncton, playing two shows at the Manhattan Bar & Grill next week alongside tour mates the Cancer Bats. Although the two bands might differ in terms of sound when it comes to their music, 3 Inches of Blood vocalist Cam Pipes says that he believes each band has the ability to appeal to the other’s fan base:

“Cancer Bats do well in Canada in a similar way that we do,” Pipes starts. “We have talked about touring together for quite some time and figured that it would be an excellent way to combine our fan bases, which are historically different but similar in some ways too.”

3 Inches of Blood is continuing to promote its acclaimed 2009 release Here Waits Thy Doom and is looking forward to the upcoming release of two new songs that will take the form of a 7-inch vinyl single. Pipes says that releasing a 7-inch single made the most sense for the group for the time being.

“These two songs are two of the newest we have written and we wanted to get them out to the public prior to our next record being released,” Pipes says. “CD sales are slow enough these days; we went the vinyl route for this EP because it seems to be more of a collectible format.”

Pipes says that his band’s upcoming dates with Cancer Bats will be the last tour that his band undertakes before heading into the studio to make a new record. He confirms that the band has much in the way of new material written and is hoping to get into the studio to record this coming summer or fall. He does not expect to be releasing anything in the way of a full-length effort before 2012 however.

Luckily for fans though, Pipes says the group has incorporated many of their new songs into their live set to give fans a sneak peek at where the band is headed.

“I don’t think that our new material really sounds the same as our previous stuff. The listener may find similarities and I think that people will recognize that it is us making the music but ultimately, we just continue doing what we do and have always been of the mindset that we have no formula to follow. It’s just how we roll. We have never been concerned about making sure that our songs maintain a certain sound or anything like that.”

Article featured in May 6, 2011 edition of the Times & Transcript