The MusicNerd Q&A With Morgan Cameron Ross

morgan_solo_highresAWhat becomes of the broken-hearted, anyway? Perhaps one of the best authorities to talk to the matter at the present time is Toronto’s Morgan Cameron Ross. When a long-term relationship went south this past summer, Ross turned to the one thing that has been a constant in his life: music.

Together with his friend Todd Clark (Pilate/Pilot Speed), Ross captured himself at one of the most arguably vulnerable times in his life and put it all on display for everyone to hear on his new five-song EP College & Bathurst.

Here Magazine recently had the opportunity to chat with Ross about his new EP and about a photo of his dogs that recently went viral.

You were living in New York, went through your break-up and then moved back to Toronto. How soon after your return did you start recording the EP?

After a couple of days of drowning my sorrows, I went right into the studio with Todd. I had to start writing while the fire was hot.

Looking back at the circumstances around the EP, does it startle you to hear these songs knowing the headspace you were in?

I actually find the whole thing entertaining now. I was devastated at the time but I grieved it and now I’m healthy. I’ve moved on.

What are some of your favourite childhood memories of the holiday season?

It is hard to narrow down my fondest memories of Christmas.  I was a spoiled and loved only child, so Christmas was always a big and amazing thing in my life.  Some people say that it loses it’s magic until you have kids and you see their excitement.  I think I’m somewhere in the middle of those two places right now.

image (2) (1)ATell us about how the photo of your dogs ended up becoming a viral hit

I had just landed at the Calgary airport and my dog walker in Toronto sent me a photo of the dogs. I had just been talking with my drummer about animal photobombs a few hours prior; I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I posted it on Facebook and before long, it was being shared by everyone it seemed. The Huffington Post and many other outlets ended up running the photo. I only hope my dog’s fame doesn’t leave me jealous and jaded.

Article published in the December 20, 2012 edition of Here Magazine