The MusicNerd Q&A WIth Meaghan Smith

Meaghan SmithAIf you’re looking for a wonderful way to bring in the holiday season, might we recommend pop songstress Meaghan Smith’s upcoming show at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre on Tuesday December 18? Smith, the recipient of a Best New Artist Juno Award in 2011, made waves with her 2010 full-length debut effort The Cricket’s Quartet, following that up with a celebration of the Christmas Season last year with It Snowed.

Meaghan recently chatted with Here Magazine with respect to the holidays and how work is progressing on her next studio album.

What was Christmas like in your household when you were growing up?

It was always a great time of year. Not only did you get the opportunity to eat good treats, you also got to spend time with family and friends. I always loved singing Christmas carols too.

It has been more than two years since your full-length debut The Cricket’s Orchestra. Have you already begun working on a follow-up?

I have been writing and recording a new record, actually.

Do you feel any pressure, whether external or self-imposed that you have to live up to or exceed expectations set by your debut?

The only pressure I am feeling, I am putting on myself. I’m not worried about the sophomore jinx or anything like that; I just put a tonne of pressure on myself because I expect perfection.

How are the new songs sounding?

With these new songs, I really wanted to look at expanding myself as an artist. I was very interested in trying something new musically. In terms of being an artist, I have a lot of respect when musicians try something different with each record. I am really looking to change the way I am creating music this time around. I have essentially reinvented the wheel for myself. The new music I am writing is a twist of pop music with more of an electronic influence. Ultimately, I am trying not to follow too many rules with my next record.

You have a couple of shows leading up to the holidays here in Atlantic Canada. Are you excited to get back “on the road” and start playing your new music for people?

I have been performing some of the new songs at recent shows. It has been really interesting to hear what songs resonate with people. I am really excited to have this batch of new songs and to get out and meet new people.

Article published in the December 13, 2012 edition of Here Magazine