The MusicNerd Q&A With Kira Isabella

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From the time she first set foot on stage to sing at age seven, Kira Isabella knew what she was destined to do with her life. The Ottawa-born country artist released her debut record, Love Me Like That, via Sony Music last October, buoyed by the success of the singles Love Me Like That and A Little More Work.

Performing at Casino New Brunswick next Friday night (April 12) in support of Terri Clark on Friday April 12, Kira chatted with Here Magazine earlier this week about, among other things, why she will never ever ever stray from country music.

You’re only 19 years old, have a major label record contract and an album under your belt already. Where did your interest in music come from?

I’ve been singing my entire life. My parents say that I was singing as soon as I could talk. I took singing lessons at age six and was on stage for the first time when I was seven years old. I sang Mamma Mia by Abba. It was an amazing experience. I was instantly hooked.

How did you end up leaning towards country music as your style of choice?

I sang everything under the sun when I was growing up. My mom always loved country music but a defining moment for me was Shania Twain’s Up album which had both a country version and a pop version. I only ever listened to the country disc and it was through Shania that I discovered the phenomenal talents of women in country music.

Fans have unprecedented access to musicians and bands via social media these days. Is building those relationships and that rapport something that is important to you as an artist?

My fans are the reason that I am where I am these days. I have got a great team working for me behind the scenes too but the fans are really the ones who determine your fate. It is so cool for me to look out into the audience and see people singing along to songs that I wrote. I just want to hug every last one of them.

Understanding it is still early in your career, could you see your future music heading in more of a pop direction like what Taylor Swift has done?

Country music is where my heart is. I don’t have any plans to move into pop music anytime soon.