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Big Wreck

Although it doesn’t seem like it was all that long ago that Big Wreck was in the region (it was actually November 2012), you can’t really ever have enough Big Wreck in your life. The group returns to New Brunswick this weekend to perform at FredRock on Saturday night.

Big Wreck’s Ian Thornley checked in with Here Magazine a couple of weeks ago to discuss the group’s new live EP as well as the band’s plans for the future.

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Tell me about the decision to release a live EP (Bag Of Tricks) at this point in the band’s career.

The impetus for the live EP for Canada was in due part thanks to the American release of Albatross. There were some live songs included on the American version of the record but before long, we started hearing from our Canadian fans asking why they couldn’t get the live songs. It just made sense to offer our loyal Canadian fans those songs and more in the form of a live EP.

Have you spent a lot of time promoting Albatross south of the border?

The relationship that we have with our label there is great but the relationship that we have with our American fans is amazing as well. We are feeling some serious love from our fans there. There were people at our show in Philadelphia who had come from Houston to see us play. We left our recent run of American shows with a warm heart. We are really excited to go back and play again.

Given the significant time that has tended to lapse between Big Wreck and Thornley records, do you hope to follow-up Albatross relatively soon to help keep the band’s momentum moving forward?

Basically, if I’m not playing a show, I am working on new material so accordingly, we are in the process of sifting through some older material while also finishing newer ideas. Building up a pile of songs to make up the record is definitely on the top of our list right now. I feel that the situation that the band is in right now is more conducive to doing things the way we want to do it. It is more important for us to go with our gut as opposed to listening to what others are thinking we should do.

Article published in the August 8, 2013 edition of Here Magazine

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