The MusicNerd Q&A With Adam Baldwin


After years of having played alongside the likes of Matt Mays, it was guitarist Adam Baldwin’s time to step into the spotlight. Late last year, Baldwin released his self-titled debut EP featuring six stylistically-diverse tracks that represent his musical upbringing.

Along with Sam Cash and The Romantic Dogs, Adam Baldwin performs at Moncton’s Tide & Boar on Thursday March 13 and at The Capital in Fredericton on Saturday March 15.

Adam spoke with The MusicNerd Chronicles last week about the big decision to finally release his own music as well as what the future holds:

Was the making of your EP a long-time coming?

I have been writing songs from the time that I was 17 years old. I was always playing in other people’s bands though, which I knew wasn’t the right place to bring those songs forward. All in all, this EP was probably six years in the making.

So who or what finally kicked your ass into action?

It all came to a head this past September. I was getting ready to head out on tour with Matt where I was going to be the opening act. I wanted to have a record for people to take home with them at the end of the night. Three weeks before we were due to leave, I got into the studio and banged the songs off with some friends of mine. I just needed to literally be cornered like that before I got the motivation to just get it done.

There is a certain amount of vulnerability that can come with putting yourself and your music out there, as opposed to simply being a part of someone else’s band.

Definitely. With Matt, I can stand in the shadows but when it initially came to releasing my own my music, I probably would have crumpled into myself and never left my house again if someone criticized it. But the EP has been out there for a few months now and the feedback has been generally good so I am definitely more comfortable.

Will it be another six years until you release something else?

Now that I’ve caught the bug, I am going to pour through this backlog of songs I have and look at getting something else out there soon. I now compare making records to seeing your kids go off to school. It is tough getting the first one out there but the next ones are bound to be much easier.

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