The Kamalas launch new album, tour

One of Moncton’s finest punk bands is launching their brand new CD  at The Paramount Lounge on Main Street, Moncton on Friday August 28.  The Kamalas were formed in 2008 by guitarist and vocalist Elle Shapiro and drummer Salty, both of whom were members of The Damnsels. Rounding out the Kamalas lineup are bassist Jessup and guitarist T-Ray. The band’s new self-titled CD was recorded in Moncton by engineer Kyle McDonald, who has also recorded efforts by Moncton bands The Peter Parkers as well as the debut (and only record) by the recently disbanded Blood Royal.

Recorded and mixed between June and August of this year, The Kamalas will be venturing to Quebec City, Ottawa and
Toronto for shows prior to their Moncton date. Shapiro admits that this means that their Central Canadian fans will have first dibs on their shiny new disc.

“Hopefully that doesn’t piss anyone off!” she quips.

Making enemies shouldn’t be a concern to Shapiro. This is a band that can let their concise, tight songs do the talking for them and won’t come out any worse for wear. And though the band’s new music will soon be finding its way to CD players everywhere, Shapiro admits that releasing their music on vinyl wouldn’t be out of the question if “we weren’t such poor bastards!”

With a potential new seven-inch single in the works for the spring, expect to hear more from The Kamalas in the near future. Their new CD is only the beginning of a very good thing.

Fans can pick up The Kamalas’ new CD at Spin It Records on Main Street and Live Wire on Mountain Road in Moncton. Those outside of the city anxious to hear these fantastic songs for themselves can order the disc via the group’s Myspace site.

Also on the bill for The Kamalas CD release show are The Varsity Weirdos, The Rivermunks and The Cobra Jets. Admission to the show is a measly $8.

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