The Felice Brothers – Celebration, Florida (Fat Possum)

The newest effort from New York’s The Felice Brothers is a bit of a perplexing effort. At times, Celebration, Florida is just that, a wonderful celebration of music where folk, rock and Americana find common ground amidst the confusion. Drawing influence from giants like Bob Dylan and The Band, The Felice Brothers show they are capable of sheer genius on tracks like Ponzi, Container Ship and the haunting Best I Ever Had. There are other times however that the Felice’s effort seems misguided. Opening track Fire At The Pageant and Honda Civic is proof of such confusion, striking me as though they are trying too hard to stick out and ultimately end up doing so for all the wrong reasons. When The Felice Brothers are on though, it is a glorious thing to behold and nothing that the “skip track” button can’t fix for future listens.