The BackYard Devils – S/T (Independent)

One of the most anticipated releases from the Moncton area, The BackYard Devils finally unleash their debut effort for the world’s listening pleasure. Throughout the record’s 13 tracks, The BackYard Devils honour country and bluegrass tradition, making for a familiar yet gratifying listen. With the ghosts of bluegrass and country greats past and present looking approvingly upon them, the boys show they’re capable of writing catchy tunes including the hilarious Mean Moonshine Blues, while tracks like For My Lord and House On The Coast seem instantly recognizable. That seems to be a big part of the Devils’ charm; their ability to honour a time-tested genre like bluegrass while injecting a modern take on it. Frankly, their ability to walk that line so well will help them appeal to the traditional fan while also most likely winning over non-typical bluegrass fans.