Subliminal discuss record release

Five years after entering the recording studio to make their long-awaited debut record, Moncton heavy-metal band Subliminal is finally set to unleash “Cast The First Stone” upon the unsuspecting public.

One has to wonder though given the amount of time the record took to be completed – was this a deliberate plot on the band’s part, looking to build “Chinese Democracy”-like anticipation for their release?

Not quite, according to Subliminal vocalist Serge Leblanc.

“The whole process from the very start of recording to the point of releasing the record might be five years,” he admits, “But we financed the project ourselves so it spread the timeline for completion out considerably. It is not as though we were in the studio the entire time.”

Leblanc explains that the group initially recorded ten tracks for their record but that once the songs were committed to tape, they ended up scrapping half of them and starting from scratch.

“We got into the studio and found that some of our songs weren’t quite as solid as others were. While we were in the process of recording, we ended up retooling some of the songs, coming up with better arrangements and better riffs that brought some of these songs to a much better place than they had originally been.”

The group is celebrating the release of the 11-track “Cast The First Stone” with a CD release show at Oxygen in Moncton on Friday April 30. From there, worldwide domination can’t be far behind. 

“We have always been eager to play as many shows as we can but we never had the product to push in the past. Now that the record is complete, we plan on seizing upon every opportunity that is presented to us to help maximize our exposure.”