Sloan To Release Hardcore 7″ Single, Covers Record


Canadian pop masters Sloan have never been shy about wearing their influences on their sleeves. Nowhere will that be arguably more evident than with the release the band has planned for sale starting tomorrow – Tuesday April 30.

Sloan is releasing a package consisting of a limited edition 7-inch single (featuring two new Sloan songs, one of which is Jenny, featured below for your listening pleasure), a 12-track digital download of “Hardcore cover songs of the bands that were the soundtrack to Sloan’s youth” as well as a super cool t-shirt.

Complete package details are available on the group’s site.

Big props to Sloan for paying tribute to Minor Threat. Not only by covering Filler on their covers record but also via the cover art of the 7-inch single. Here is the Minor Threat photo that no doubt served as their inspiration.



And as promised, here is the lyric video for Sloan’s song Jenny:

[youtube l6nQ973uNAM]