Review: Tomato/Tomato – I Go Where You Go (Independent)

PrintReleased in June, the sophomore effort from dynamic bluegrass-folk duo Tomato/Tomato easily surpasses the lofty expectations put in place with their 2014 debut album So It Goes, so much so that if you had to sum up I Go Where You Go in just one word, it would be “fun.” From album opening track “Ain’t Dead Yet” through other highlights like the bold “Steal Ya,” and “Runnin’ Like Hell” right through to closer “Rabbit In The Log,” there is a sense of old-timey joy permeating virtually each note played and every lyric sung, even as the energy level wisely dips on introspective tracks like “Eden” and “The Best We’ll Ever Know.” No sophomore jinx here, folks. Just some of the best N.B.-made music you’re likely to come across this year.