Review: The Motorleague – Holding Patterns (Sonic / Warner Music Canada)

The MotorleagueHaving walked an occasional fine line between rock and punk in the past, Moncton band The Motorleague fully embrace the rock on their newest effort, Holding Patterns, an album that boasts an abundance of hooky choruses and massive guitar riffs that definitively moves the record forward. First single “The Boards,” proves to be a great leadoff track and one of the more mid-tempo songs on the album. From there, The Motorleague delivers the one-two-three punch of “A Little Too Obvious,” “Wounded Animal” and “For The Last Time Forever,” before dialing back the proceedings with “Burn Everything.” Clocking in at just under 35 minutes, Holding Patterns is arguably The Motorleague’s most concise album to date and stands to finally break the band out to the wider audience it so sorely deserves.