Review: Tame Impala – Currents (Universal Music Canada)

Tame ImpalaDespite Currents being the third full-length effort from Kevin Parker (who performs under the Tame Impala moniker), the group’s profile has arguably never been higher. While the skeptics might be quick to write Tame Impala off as the latest buzz band du jour, a listen to Currents will silence those naysayers, showing that there is indeed something of substance to be found here. Parker creates a rich tapestry of sound that encompasses electro, psychedelia, disco, pop and more, offsetting the album’s compelling beats with depressing, heartbreak-inspired lyrics that boast a richness steeped in simplicity. Currents is the type of record that keeps the listener coming back for more, offering something new with each successive listen. Album highlights include the sprawling album-opener “Let It Happen,” the dreamy, slo-funk jam “Cause I’m A Man,” “Yes I’m Changing” and “Eventually.”