Review: Pete Townshend – Truancy: The Very Best Of (Universal Music Canada)

Pete TownshendAn artist embarking on a solo career following massive success with another group does not always equate quality or success, however, Who founder Pete Townshend proved he could be an exception to that rule. Truancy, the newest compilation of his work outside of The Who, touches on virtually all points of Townshend’s solo oeuvre, including three tracks from his essential 1972 solo debut Who Came First – “Pure and Easy,” “Let’s See Action,” and “Sheraton Gibson.” In addition to a pair of new tracks recorded for this collection – the gritty “Guantanamo,” and “How Can I Help You” – the compilation also features one of his best-known solo tracks, “Let My Love Open The Door,” as well as 1985’s “Face The Face,” and “Rough Boys.” Although not as consistent as his work within The Who, Townshend’s solo material can indeed stand on its own.