Portugal. The Man – In The Mountain In The Cloud (Warner Music Canada)

Despite this being their sixth record in as many years, Portugal. The Man’s newest record might very well be “the one” to expose them to a wider audience. The group openly embraces the “anything goes” mentality of a band like The Flaming Lips but instead of dwelling on the weirdness and making that their mission, they tend to opt for more straightforward arrangements to help them realize their vision. Combining doses of indie rock and pop along with neo-psychedelia, the great thing about In The Mountain In The Cloud is the group’s ability to keep all of their influences in check without one becoming overly dominant. There are some great pop melodies lurking in songs like So American, You Carried Us and Everything You See, melodies that are intriguing enough to make me want to go back and check out the five records that preceded this one.