Obey The Brave On Whirlwind Tour, Play Moncton Next Week


Formed at the start of 2012 from the ashes of bands including Despised Icon and Blind Witness, Obey The Brave is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with on the international stage.

Making it in the music business is no easy game. There is no magic formula to propel bands onto limitless success. In fact, some of the most successful acts in the business today are those who simply choose to stay on the road and spread word of their music via good old fashioned touring while also maintaining an active online presence.

But in the volatile music industry these days, success can be defined in ways other than millions of records sold and packed arenas. Just a mere mention of the places that Obey The Brave vocalist Alex Erian says they have performed in the last month and a half defines a different kind of success story.

“We left home on Aug. 1 and toured for approximately two weeks in the United States,’ Erian says. ‘We then headed over to Asia and Australia, had time to go home and do our laundry and now we are out on the road again.”

The band will play at Moncton’s OC Nightclub next Thursday.

Noting the band is slated to return to Europe in November, Erian took a moment to reflect upon the relative whirlwind that has been the career of Obey The Brave thus far.

As the story goes, the members of the band all started out playing with other groups. Once their respective bands had called it a day, the quintet began talking amongst themselves of the musical possibilities that might be found between them. After realizing that they were essentially on the same page with respect to what they were hoping to achieve, they set about writing music. Erian says that it was the most natural way the band could have come to be.

“We didn’t really put much thought into it once we decided to move forward with making music together. It just kind of happened naturally.”

Before long, the band began building a devoted following both at live shows and online. Eventually, word of the group would spread south of the border. Obey The Brave ended up attracting the attention of the successful independent label Epitaph, home to legendary punk band Bad Religion.

With the exception of Canada (where the band is signed with Distort Entertainment), Epitaph released the group’s 2012 debut record Young Blood around the world. Erian admits that finding a home as artist friendly as Epitaph for the world outside of Canada has been a blessing of sorts.

“Even though the music industry is in the state it is today, Epitaph has a good long-term vision for the band,” says Erian. “As big of a label as Epitaph is, they are still very much independent and take a family-oriented approach to the bands on the label.”

Acknowledging that Young Blood captured the group as they were still getting on their feet, Erian shares there is much more depth and confidence to the material they are writing for their follow-up effort.

“Right now, we are brainstorming ideas on sound for the next record but we can already tell that thanks to the extensive touring we have done, we have matured as a band and as individuals. We tend to be inspired by what we see, what we hear and how we live. As a result, the new songs have a little more confidence to them compared to the tracks on Young Blood. We have been performing one of our new songs on tour; it’s going over well so hopefully that is a sign of good things to come.”

What: Obey The Brave
When: Thursday, Sept. 26, 10 p.m.
Where: The OC Nightclub, 700 Main St., Moncton
Advance tickets are $9.99, $15 at the door. Advance tickets are available at ticketpro.ca and by phone at 1-888-311-9090.

Article published in the September 20, 2013 edition of the Times & Transcript