Moncton area musicians are seeking your assistance!

There is little question that costs associated with making a new record these days can be prohibitive for musicians. Thanks to the power of social media and the internet however, it is becoming fairly common for bands to reach out to their fans and ask for assistance when it comes to helping fund a new musical project.

Moncton country outlaws The Divorcees and Christian singer Naomi Striemer are two Moncton area musical acts that are currently raising funds to be put towards their new studio efforts. While both Striemer and The Divorcees are appreciative of any donations that you can send their way, donations of specific amounts come with “perks” that might just entice you to donate a little more.

For information on The Divorcees campaign, check out their Kickstarter Home Page.

Those interested in checking out Naomi’s campaign can visit her Rockethub Page.