Miesha and The Spanks hit Moncton

Admitting that she has been influenced by “dirty” rock n’ roll bands including the legendary MC5 and The Dirtbombs, Miesha Louie, frontwoman of Calgary band Miesha and the Spanks, is set to make their Metro Moncton debut at Plan B Lounge this Sunday evening.

It is certain to be an evening of high-energy rock n roll, with support bands including Audrey and The Agents, Blue Thunder Kuno and Hockey Fight also slated to take the stage.

Currently comprised of Louie on guitar, Chris Nevile on organ and Stuart Bota on the drums, Louie shares that the group was actually comprised of only her and Bota for approximately two and a half years. They added Neville on organ while making their newest record Gods of Love, released via the Winnipeg-based record label Transistor 66.

“Having an organ player has definitely expanded our sound,” Louie says. “Since the release of our last full length we’ve been on a couple of cross-Canada tours. The band has grown with all of the new experiences we have had.”

Recorded in Calgary at KLM Backline, a company that specializes in furnishing musicians with the right equipment to save them having to travel with gear, Louie insinuates that the experience was akin to being kids in a candy store, having all they needed and more at their disposal.

“It was the first time that I took a full week to sit down and record and mess around with a record. We were actually still writing songs in the studio and because we were in a backline warehouse, we could basically hand-pick most of the gear we used including having completely customized the drum kit.”

Although their show this weekend at Plan B will mark their first show in Moncton, Louie says that the group has been through the province three times in the past and notes that the Atlantic region has earned a special place in her heart.

“Every time we have been to the east coast, I have been blown away by the generosity and friendliness of the locals. It is probably my favourite place to tour if for no reason other than all of the rad people you meet and great times you have.”

Article published June 3, 2011 edition of the Times & Transcript