Live Review: Sloan in Downtown Moncton, Sat. Sept 24, 2011

With the exception of Blue Rodeo, I believe that I have seen Sloan live more than any other band. Not surprisingly, a big reason for this is that they have remained one of my favorite bands since I first heard of them in 1992. As such, I can confidently say that I know when Sloan play a good show, a great show or a so-so show.

Not to say that they weren’t a great live band in the first ten years they existed, they have really come into their own for being a live band over the past ten years. Not only do they have a catalogue of songs that so many musicians would kill to call their own, they are great entertainers and can really keep an audience’s attention.

Nowhere was this more evident than on this past Saturday night in Downtown Moncton.

The band took the stage around 9:30 p.m., opening their set with Flying High Again from 2006’s Never Hear The End Of It. From there, Sloan generously touched upon each of their albums, including a healthy number of songs from their excellent new album The Double Cross.

Of course, having seen Sloan so often, my only complaint is that there are so many songs I would have loved to have heard them play on Saturday night that didn’t make the final cut of the set list. There was no hint of The Good In Everyone, Burn For It, If It Feels Good Do It…I could probably go on all day. But this is just the result of having seen them so often. And me being picky; let’s not forget that.

Be sure to catch the boys next time they pull through your city. You shall not be disappointed that you did. Here is their setlist from their show on Saturday night. Below that is the video for Unkind, the first single released from The Double Cross.

Flying High Again
Beverly Terrace
Shadow Of Love
Believe In Me
Witches Wand
Rest Of My Life
Ill Placed Trust
The NS
I’ve Gotta Try
She’s Slowing Down
Follow The Leader
The Answer Was You
Losing California
Pen Pals
Everything You’ve Done Wrong
Who Taught You To Live Like That


The Lines You Amend
The Other Man
Money City Maniacs

[youtube h6JqLk66oSY]

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