Kris & Dee – Still Here Inside (Independent)

Seeing how both Kris Abbott (of Canadian favourites The Pursuit of Happiness) and her partner Dee McNeil both come from largely rock n roll backgrounds, it helps make their debut record together all the more surprising and pleasing to the ears. Trading their electric guitars for acoustics, the duo delivers solid, well thought out songs that reside comfortably in a folk-pop vein. Whether it was the rural surroundings of the Bathhouse Studio where Still Here Inside were recorded or whether the songs had a mellow vibe running through them to begin with, the ten songs featured here run on the relatively subdued side of the tracks. There is a lot to be said for simplicity though and the lack of screaming guitar solos does nothing to kill the album’s momentum. I definitely recommend checking out tracks like Lose My Mind, Empty Nest, Presence Of Me and Force To Be Reckoned With for yourself and see why Still Here Inside is the perfect rainy day soundtrack.

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  1. Kris and Dee have come up with a Hit!!! first at Bat!…Kris long time Power catalyst behind the Band ‘The Pursuit of Happinness! and her Songstress “Dee”have joined Forces acoustically to Produce,(by miss Abbott) herself..A Gem of an album titled “Still here..Inside”coming from long tome Rock hard bands to go on your own and come up with such songs as ‘A force to be Reckoned with” and the song ‘Empty Nest’ is an amazing feat! They have created something very ‘special’ here that appeals to musical Talent .The Beautiful guitar work and backing vocals of miss ‘Abbott”Combined with the Beautiful Songstress “Voice’ of miss “DEE”is really both pleasing to the ear and “Cleaning Honesty”from the Soul! Being on the music scene in Detroit for some 40 yrs, i am totally taken by what these ladies have accomplished and like many of my music critic compatriots..anxiously await MORE!!!. Congrats Kris..and ‘Dee,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Stormin (Detroit)Norm

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