Iggy Pop – Roadkill Rising (Shout Factory / Universal Music Canada)

This four CD set from the godfather of punk rock is a rather comprehensive collection of live recordings that runs more than four hours in length. Roadkill Rising is sequenced by decade, includes material from The Stooges through Pop’s hot and cold solo works up to The Stooges 2003 reunion. There is little denying that the power of tracks like Raw Power, 1969, TV Eye and Search & Destroy make them still viable punk songs to this day. The 1991 recording of one of Pop’s biggest paydays, Lust For Life, drags a little too much for my liking while covers of Louie Louie and Gloria are perhaps well intentioned but ultimately miss the mark. Though the compilation certainly has its shining moments, there is unevenness to the material, much like Pop’s entire career itself that overshadows even the best moments.