Every Time I Die Prepare For Cross-Canada Tour

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There is no better time than when celebrating the release of a new record to venture into the unknown. For Buffalo, N.Y. hardcore act Every Time I Die, veterans of the acclaimed Warped Tour, that means launching their most extensive Canadian tour.

The group’s 17-date run through Canada, including their performance at McSweeney Co. Dinner Theatre in Moncton on Saturday evening, will take them from the Maritimes to Kelowna, B.C. before wrapping up in Sudbury, Ont. early next month.

Given the close proximity of their hometown of Buffalo to Canada, why Every Time I Die haven’t previously undertaken a full-fledged Canadian tour remains a bit of a mystery to vocalist Keith Buckley.

“There is absolutely no reason why we haven’t undertaken an extensive Canadian tour at this point in our careers,” Keith laughs. “It seems as though we have relentlessly toured everywhere for the last eight years but it’s kind of embarrassing that there are places just across the border that we haven’t yet played.”

Growing up in Buffalo, Canada was not just some snowy landmass geographically located above the United States. In addition to routinely road tripping to various Canadian cities to pick up the latest independent hardcore releases, Keith says that two specific Canadian bands proved to be responsible for his choosing to be a musician.

“Both Grade and New Day Rising were largely responsible for getting me into music to begin with. Canada has played a big part in shaping my musical tastes.”

Keith recognizes that he is living a bit of a dream life, something that became evident once again in the making of the group’s latest record From Parts Unknown.

Released this past July, the record saw Every Time I Die work with one of their musical heroes, Kurt Ballou. An acclaimed producer who also co-founded legendary hardcore band Converge, Keith likens the experience of working with Kurt as simply wanting to make him proud while not sacrificing their ideals.

“We consider Converge to be one of the founding fathers of hardcore music,” Keith says. “Kurt wrote the guitar riffs that inspired us to be a band. Making this record, we wanted to be true to ourselves but also make him proud of what we were doing. We found many moments between what we were doing and what he wanted us to do where we just felt so incredibly rewarded for the opportunities we have been given.

“The fact that we are signed to the record label owned by one of the guys from Bad Religion, who is telling us how excited he is about our new record boggles our minds. All we find ourselves thinking is ‘Did we fool them too?’”

What: Every Time I Die with special guests Counterparts and Expire
When: Saturday, Sept. 13, 9 p.m.
Where: McSweeney’s Dinner Theatre, 700 Main St., Moncton
Advance tickets are $25 (plus service fee), available for purchase at Spin It Records (467 Main St., Moncton) and online at https://etixnow.com/events/every-time-i-die/sep-13/mcsweeneys. Tickets at the door are $30.