Boxer The Horse stay on track

When it comes to making it big, the music business is largely a feast or famine mistress. On one hand, your band can strike it stupidly lucky and find yourself the darlings of crowds internationally, even just for a brief period of time. People often laugh at one-hit wonders but let’s be honest folks, I’ll take the royalty cheques for a-ha’s “Take On Me” anytime they wanna fork them over to me.

Among the zillions of bands hopeful for the rock-star life, only a handful of bands are smart enough to have a little something to fall back upon should the music biz not work out for them as they might hope.

In the case of Prince Edward Island’s Boxer The Horse, they seemingly have the best of both worlds. They write songs that would make any ardent Kinks fan salivate but are intent on finishing their university education before trying to make music a full-time occupation.

That being said, is the group tempted to forego education in the name of rock n roll?

“The temptation is totally there,” Boxer The Horse vocalist-guitarist Jeremy Gaudet says. “There are times that we are in school and have brutal amounts of work to do and you kind of wonder ‘Why we are here?’ he laughs.

“But in all seriousness, we have to turn down shows all too frequently due to school, even though we try to squeeze in as much as we can during the school year. After this coming school year is wrapped up though, working around school won’t be an issue for us any longer which will be nice.”

If the thought of yet another school year lying ahead of them is getting the quartet down, you wouldn’t know it by listening to their latest record Would You Please. The album brims with eager energy and sees the band evolve rather nicely from their debut EP The Late Show.

“The biggest difference with this newest record was the fact that we worked with a producer. Alec [O’Hanley, member of Two Hours Traffic] brought more of a pop sensibility to these songs than what we were used to. He ended up making a lot of suggestions that we feel really enhanced the final product even though we were initially hesitant to make any changes to the songs to begin with.

“I have to admit that we weren’t sure what Alec’s role was going to be when we were going into the making of our record but now that it’s all said and done, the benefit of having worked with him definitely shows.”

Gaudet says that until the 2010-2011 university school year is wrapped up, fans outside of the Atlantic Provinces will have to wait awhile longer to see the group live. In the interim, the group is playing a high-profile show with The New Pornographers during next month’s Halifax Pop Explosion with additional shows certain to be scattered over the upcoming winter months.

Check out the group’s video for “Bad Apples” (taken from Would You Please) below:

[youtube 7LWoGV3eiSc]