3 Inches Of Blood make their return to the Maritimes

Despite the fact that they were in the Maritimes as recently as last fall, critically acclaimed heavy-metal band 3 Inches Of Blood are returning to pulverize Fredericton (at Nicky Z’s) and Moncton (at The Manhattan) on May 6 and 7 respectively. 

Guitarist Shane Clark readily admits that the band know the touring life well. In fact, that’s exactly how they have passed much of their time since their last visit to the Atlantic Provinces. 

One of their most recent touring highlights was a European jaunt which saw them play a remarkable 29 shows in 30 days this past January. 

“The European tour was great for a number of reasons,” Clark begins. “We were touring with six other bands and playing to packed houses every night and that was amazing. Typically when you’re on the road, you don’t have a chance to see anything except the venue you are playing but we were fortunate to do that tour by bus and have some spare time to be able to take in some sights.”

And while the group’s tour schedule is not slated to ease anytime soon, fans of the band can look forward to the upcoming re-release of the group’s latest record “Here Waits Thy Doom”. 

“The reissue of ‘Here Waits Thy Doom’ is going to be excellent. Included in the package will be a DVD that will feature the video for ‘Battles and Brotherhood’ along with some TV performances, interview footage and webisodes. The CD is also going to feature four extra songs; three cover songs and one b-side.”

When I share with Clark that I feel some bands are lucky to have the opportunity to release anything at all, Clark doesn’t mince words at the gratitude he feels towards the group’s label: 

“The fact that our label believes in the band so much and is willing to re-release our last record shows how great they are. We are very lucky.”