1755 on the road again throughout New Brunswick

1755 on the road again throughout New Brunswick


Legendary Acadian band 1755 is gearing up for their first tour in 25 years as they play shows throughout New Brunswick over the next month and a half. The tour stops are unique in the fact that the band is playing many smaller communities which might not normally have the opportunity to often welcome live bands, let alone one with the reputation of 1755.


1755 originally formed in 1976 and according to vocalist Roland Gauvin, the group rarely had a break away from the cycle of writing and touring in the time that they originally performed. Gauvin says their schedule definitely played a part in the band deciding to go their separate ways in 1984 at the conclusion of their “100 Pour 200” tour:


“As a group, we never had the opportunity of having down time away from touring or rehearsing new material. We had truly given it our best but we were starting to want to pursue other interests outside of the band.”


During the 1994 Congres Mondial Acadien in Moncton, 1755 played a triumphant, sold-out reunion show at the Moncton Coliseum. Gauvin admits that the crowd’s reaction at that show was truly overwhelming to the group and said that the emotion at the Coliseum was evident as soon as attendees set foot inside the venue.


That August evening in 1994 would prove to be the catalyst in the group continuing to perform throughout the years to the present although each of the band members has continued their pursuit of interests outside the band.


“Every one of the band members has continued in the music industry in one way or other,” Gauvin explains. 


“Pierre Robichaud has released two solo albums; Kenneth Saulnier has been a part of a few different groups including Suroît, Beausoleil Broussard and Expresso SVP. Ronald Dupuis is involved in numerous groups while Donald Boudreau has spent the last 15 years as a musical interpreter at the Fortress of Louisburg and has worked on various musical projects in Cape Breton.”


As for Gauvin himself, he has recorded three albums with Les Mechants Maquereaux in addition to a solo record and a holiday album he recorded with Les Muses and Belivo.


It is obvious that music continues to run deep in the veins of the 1755 band members. Although Gauvin confirms that the band is still considering writing new material, he admits that their live shows are sticking with the songs they know that people want to hear.


Given the consistent popularity of the group’s concerts, fans don’t seem to mind the lack of new material in their set. Gauvin estimates that combined sales of their albums (on both vinyl and CD) are near the 150,000 mark. Not a paltry sales figure at all.


And as far as Gauvin is concerned, fans don’t have to worry about the band going back into hibernation anytime soon.


“We are lucky in that there is still a demand for the band. We still take such enormous pleasure in performing for the audiences that continue to come to our shows,” Gauvin says.


1755’s next live performance is slated to take place on Friday August 14 at Dover Park in Dieppe. Their special guests for the evening will be Cayouche and Dominique Dupuis. The group is continuing to play throughout New Brunswick through the remainder of August and September. A complete listing of their upcoming shows can be found on the band’s new website (www.1755.capacadie.com).


Tickets for all 1755 shows are available online at www.billetterieacces.ca.